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Entry Jobs/Internships


I am a recent graduate with a degree in Political Science and minors in Economics and Applied Computer Science, as well as a certificate in Architectural Technology.

I have my eyes set on a number of Masters programs all in the realm of Real Estate Dev., Urban Planning, Urban Economics, Urban Informatics, etc... I am most interested in the development of "Smart Cities".

A number of these programs require at least a couple of years of industry experience. However, many entry level jobs in the AEC industry require undergraduate degrees in those respective fields. I am looking for something that would work with my background, but also would give me a foot in the door of the AEC/Real Estate industries.

Any ideas for types of jobs or types of companies to look for that would work as a good segue from my school experience into post-grad studies in the AEC field?

All advice is welcomed and appreciated!


I'm just a simple planner that has been thawed out and put to work in Kansas. Your smart cities and urban economics confuse me, but I'd say find a company that specializes in that and weasel your way into an internship with them. You might have to be a little aggressive to get that interview, but go for it. Now I need to get back on my tractor and out to the fields (don't laugh, my inspector is actually doing that right now).
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