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Europe on high transport (security) alert



This kind of reactive, after-the-event security response kind of bugs me. Lets see some long-term security strategies that create safer environments, without making people more fearful, rather than short-term, high alert, reactive panic responses.

I know it's human nature to worry after something terrible happens, and authorities must be seen to be responding, but why not turn it into an opportunity to look at longer-term, less intrusive, positive ways to enhance community safety.

I guess I'm thinking along CPTED lines... looking at patterns of movement, use of colour, signage, lighting, etc, to create a pleasant and attractive environment in which it is clear what behaviour is normal and what is abnormal. If someone is determined to commit a terrorist act, there might be nothing you can do to stop them, but lets put the emphasis on proactive prevention rather than reactive response.

BTW, I am not a fan of highly controlled environments with high-tech security systems. I think this should be a last resort, not the preferred option.

Just my $0.02.
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