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Executive Director Transition


It's in the paper, so I guess it's officially public. Our Executive Director (I work for a regional planning district) is leaving to be the City Manager. They're having a lot of issues, and they specifically reached out to him to take the position. Our COO is going to be filling the role of the interim ED while we do a search to hire permanently for the position, which I guess may or may not end up being her. I have a great relationship with her and our Deputy Director, but it'll be a lot of additional work to plug into some of the pet projects he's been involved in that none of the rest of the director team has really been involved with.

I'm very nervous about the transition. I just feel like we've all been scrambling this entire Fiscal Year, and for better or worse, he personally drives a lot of the work we pick up, so there's going to be some big gaps to fill.

I'm sure the expectations for some of the things we do will need to be adjusted in light of us entering a transitional phase, but a lot of the work will just need to keep moving forward while we figure out what our organization needs from the next ED and get that person on board, and I'm feeling very overwhelmed by what I am going to have to get up to speed on, a lot of which involves new players and new politics that I am not already familiar with, but will likely have to take on some of the leadership for managing.

Anyway, happy for him, and I hope he can help. Super freaked out for me!