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Experience with rezoning

C. Lewis

We are trying to rezone a R-3 (residential triplex) to a P-1 (professional offices.) The east side of the triplex faces a major business road, but the front (south) faces a residential street. Directly across the street (south) from the triplex is a medical/dental/insurance building (which faces the business road), directly behind it (north) is a florist (also faces business road.) To the side (west) are 2 empty lots.

The triplex is vacant and a major mess. We need to fill out an application to rezone, but wanted some reasons we could present to the county commission why the zoning (p-1) we are requesting is more appropriate for the property than the current zoning (r-3). I talked with the county zoning office and was informed the road where the property is located is considered a scenic street and "good luck" with the board. Does anyone have any experience with rezoning that would help with filling out the application and presenting our case?


Does your community allow PCD (Planned Community Development, or some variation) zoning? This might be a good approach. Request the rezoning but allow the plan board to place restrictions on the design and use so that it will enhance the scenic street.