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Extraordinary Pop-Up Ads!


I don't have any images of it... but the frequent penis enlargement and herbal viagra spam mail really sucks! :p
oh and the unforgettable bestiallity porn site spam...
At least I haven't gotten any gay porn or furry porn stuff... thank god!

PS: No, the spam mail doesn't come because I have suscribed to such sites...

Chilean e-commerce Stupidity:
Once my dad recieved a mail from a restaurant in Santiago offering spanish Paella plates in 30 minutes, and if they took longer it would be free. Obviously my dad couldn't resist sending a mail replying to mock them for such stupidity and ordered... Of course, since we live in Valdivia (around 500 miles south from Santaigo, for the geographically challenged ;)) such claim of Paella in 30 minutes or it's free, would be impossible to achieve. They didn't reply, and haven't sent another e-mail :p (I hope they learned!).... Oh and we didn't recieve any Paella :( :p

Oh.. and sorry for drifting off topic... :p ;)


Dear Leader
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jordanb said:
I use Mozilla. It blocks most popups without breaking too many things.

Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 here. Same thing ... I didn't have much luck with popup blockers designed for Internet Explorer, but the built-in popup blocker capabilities of Mozilla and its variants function almost flawlessly.

I also use Mozilla to test Web sites that I design. It's far more standards-compliant than IE, and I know that a site that looks good in Mozilla will look the same in IE. The vice versa isn't necessarily true.