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Federal subsidies to farmers


I recently read (I don't remember where) that the vast majority of farmers who benefit from Federal subsidies to farmers are the big factory farms, while the small family farmer gets virtually no help from the federal government. Does anybody know the validity of this statement? I have always thought that farming subsidies were a good thing, but perhaps the farming subsidies are helping drive small farmers out of business. (?)


Corn Burning Fool
Staff member
federal subsidies to farmers

Most farmers get some subsidies. The problem lies in that there is no need based system. The small family farmer struggling to get by gets paid the same way the lage ones do. It is true that the Corporate farmers get a bigger chunk of the money, because they own a bigger chunk of land. The more acres you farm the more money you get. The media has been reporting the largest recipents as the most wealthy, and thats true...more land more money.

Subsidies keeps food prices down, that's the purpose and they work fo that. As for helping family farmers ...well the income helps but the program is not designed for that.