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Flag lot setback requirements

Sheryse Grant

I have a question about flag lot setback requirements. Is the front setback for flag lots measured from the right-of-way line, or from the property line. If the set back in your ordinance is written so that the the front setback line is measured from the property line, can you provide example of how this is written in your local ordinances?
Thank you

Joe Iliff

Reformed City Planner
Well, first of all, the right-of-way line should be the property line, so they are one in the same, at least at the street.

If you have a true flag lot, I would say it is not unreasonable to measure the setback from the property line of the "field" of the flag closest to the street. After all, most times you measure the width of a lot at the building line, and if the building line is in the "staff" of the flag, it won't be very wide. The building line would need to be somewhere wide enough to meet the minimum lot width requirement, and that's probably in the "field" of the flag and not the "staff".
Just my opinion.

Zoning Goddess

The right-of-way line IS the property line. The right-of-way is owned by the state, county or city who owns the road.

Easements are a different story.