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Floodplain planning

I am looking for materials that are durable enough to use to construct bridges, trails, and boardwalks in a fairly active river floodplain. I am also looking for information and manufacturers on an 'incline tramway' as a way to get handicapped people down the river bluff to the trails in the floodplain. The bluff is at a slope greater the 45 degrees, and I feel that is the only way to get those folks down there without seriously impacting the natural areas and exacerbating the erosion problems on the bluff.


I just did a case out in an area that has a bluff with an almost verticle drop and the folks who live there use either a long winding staircase or a tram apparatus to get to the bottom which was base of the shoreline. I wished I knew what they used. Perhaps a search on the internet? Send me private email and I can tell you where this community is that uses these type of systems.