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For the Canadian-Free Market-Donut Loving-Bike Riding Crowd - You know who you are!

el Guapo

From www.BikeForums.net

Tim Horton's (a Canadian tradition, expanding into the U.S., now part of Wendy's), was the major sponsor of the Canadian Road National Champioships in June. This event was held in Hamilton Ontario as a warm up for the World Championships being held in October. They also provide an "Earn a Bike" program for kids - kids spend a certain number of hours helping with cleanup of vacant lots, etc, and earn a bike - details from their website:

“Earn A Bike” Program

The Tim Hortons "Earn A Bike" program is a community-oriented sponsorship program where kids between 10 and 14 years of age team up with community partners to help clean up their local streets, parks and schools. Each participant completes 30 hours of community service and is rewarded with their very own Tim Hortons Minelli-Leader mountain bike and Bell helmet courtesy of their local Tim Hortons store owner. The children are selected from organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters by their local police department who also co-ordinate the program and provide supervision while the kids are out doing their part to make their community a cleaner, brighter place to live.

Sudbury, Ontario became a cleaner, brighter place to live thanks to the hard work and dedication of these kids.

The program’s philosophy evolves around teaching kids about teamwork, giving them job skills and building their self-esteem. The "Earn a Bike" program was initiated by the Hamilton-Wentworth Police Service in 1996. Tim Hortons became the title sponsor of the program two years later. Tim Hortons currently sponsors the "Earn a Bike" program in over 70 regions in Ontario from mid-May to June, with over 1,000 children receiving bikes and helmets in 2002.

Are there any other good corporate bike ciitizens out there???
Aw... that just put a rosy glow in my heart. Go Tim's! Next time I'm in Rochester, I'll definitely have to stop by for a donut!



Dan posted a response to the wrong thread. Somebody call him to make sure he's OK, please!



The best crash bike crash I have ever seen was in the Timbits challenge at nationals a few years ago. in the 4-5 year old category, two parents became entangled as they helped their kids balance, the kids fell, the parents fell and a whole lotta other people fell it was hilarious. The tshirts they gave out for the kids to wear probably contributed to thecrash. They were huge for little people. I'll look for pictures of the event.

On the good bike citizens thing

anyone thinking of buying a subaru should look into becoming an IMBA member first. Better prices on the car if you live in the US.

In San Francisco, there is a lot of non bike industry support for a program to take inner city kids riding in teh parks. Don't know the name off the top of my head.

As for bike manufacturers that support the industry Rock Shox (supports imba, not a fan of their products) Kona (supports imba and racing and sponsors a friend of mine, good guys that like to drink - pay annual tab at a strip bar in bikes), Pearl Izumi (supports imba, great shorts) Shimano (does some kids things)