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For you, Dan.


Dear Leader
Staff member
Oh good Lord. What, is the only entrance to the building from the roof, and you have to bungee from a helicopter down on in? Do the Dew, dude. The 1980s-style high school girl bubble-writing typeface gives it away. It's no more "extreme" than the LIfetime Network.

You have to understand there's a difference between X-treem! and RUGGED!.

Ricers: X-treem!
Diesel-powered Ford F-350 crew cab: Rugged
Abrams tank on the freeway to Baghdad: RUGGED!

Mountain Dew: X-treem!
Grain Belt Beer: Rugged
Unfiltered homebrew: RUGGED!

Telluride, Colorado: X-treem!
Marquette, Michigan: Rugged
Escanaba, Michigan: RUGGED!

Outdoor Live Network: X-treem!
The Outdoor Channel: Rugged
Hosting a show on the Outdoor Channel: RUGGED!

Athletic energy bars purchased at 7-11: X-treem!
Beef jerky purchased at Flying J: Rugged
Homemade venison jerky: RUGGED!

A visual demonstration.