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Funny Day at City Hall


Corn Burning Fool
Staff member
Ok, this morning we shut the water off for repairs for 45 min or so.

So this contractor from out of town was doing some remodling in town and didn't know about the city wide shut off. So this guy is about to tear out the kitchen cabnets and turns on the sink, no water. This guy thinks, oh the people shut the water off for me how nice, and cuts off the water supply pipes and continues removing cabnets.

45 minutes later the guy is under the cabnet removing screws when the water comes back on. He jumps up and bashes his head on the cabnet cutting his head. He runs, trips over his tool box, and hurts his leg. Not thinking very clearly because of the afore mentioned head bashing he calls 911. The sheriff's office calls us and we send the utility crew, who shuts the water off in the basement.

They reported that the poor, bleeding, limping contractor was pretty messed up....