Funny link, but watch from home...

That is funny, although I never would have guessed that he's a professional singer. :-D It looks like he got to vent a lot of anger in this song. That's a good thing. And he sure seems to be on the right side of the argument - I probably feel about the same about the DOMA and the FMA as you do.

I don't completely like what he says. It doesn't sit right with me when he makes a lot of disrespectful jokes about Christianity and then says,
Now I am not anti-Christian, before ya grab a rope.
There is beauty in religion, and joy and love and hope.
We're all lookin' for the answers, the colassal cosmic cause,
But who the f*** are you to turn your views into my laws?!
It reminds me too much of people who make lots of racist jokes then say, "Now I am not racist. Where would you get such an idea? But who the f*** are you to tell me my restaurant has to serve Negroes?"