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Future Land Development in Korea

Hello, I'm taking a graduate student trip to North Korea to go hiking on one of their mountains (I'm in an Urban Studies/Urban and Regional Planning graduate school exchange program with South Korea...I'm an American).

A requirement for this trip is to write a paper about North Korea.
I found this link: Decentralization Key to Land Development and thought it would be interesting to examine how the North and South will have to work together on future land development that focuses on Korea's prime location in Northeast Asia.

I'm curious if anyone here has come across any good English literature discussing this issue or seen any papers presented at any conferences, etc. I have tried Googling for information on North/South cooperation but most of my results keep ending up with something about the North and nukes.

Well, I came across this board a few days ago; everyone seems nice and friendly...hope someone has a suggestion where to look!