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Garden Cities

Perry Norton

Cyburbian Emeritus
When I was much younger and attended college (1939)we were allowed to dream and one of the things we dreamed about was Garden Cities for Tomorrow. Core cities of 5,000 people connected to additional towns of like size, each carrying something unique to a larger city of 10,000 or 150,000. The core stayed at 5,000 and the extra load of "whatever" was placed at the perimeter of the core and was accessible to all Ckores via trains or highways. Now, today, the very notion of a Core with perepheral arteries and greenways and local services, seems to be something to be avoided. But I don't know, it sounds like something worth dreaming about, doesn't it? Call it the Genomic Revolution.

Earl Finkler

Sounds wonderful ---garden cities of an optimum size Perry.
My wife Chris and I visited one of the Depression era new towns a few summer vacations ago --Greendale, Wis. outside of Milwaukee. Very nice. And nice trails.
Frankly, Chris has an orientation that planners are more bureaucrats than public services. But when she sees a concrete example of planning and improved development like Greendale, it brings the benefits of planning home to her---and others.
Hey, it is going on 10 pm here in Barrow and the sun is still high in the sky ---up 24 hours each day now.
What a beautiful place. I could write for hours, that sun really energizes me. Hope you are all enjoying this late spring. We are still in teens and 20s in temperatures, but the snow is melting anyway.
Cheers from the Arctic.