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Gas station/convienience store vs. auto service station


A shadow of my former self
Staff member
I'm looking to clarify some definitions in our Zoning Ordinance, in particular as it relates to gas stations. Our current ordinance lists Auto Service Station, assuming the traditional auto service (garage) component to the business. There is nothing that lends itself to the modern gas station that comes complete with the convenience store and mini fast food restaurant.

I'm looking for examples of communities that differentiate between the two uses (service station and gas/convenience), and the types of zoning districts they are permitted in. Examples, or suggestions of where to look would be greatly appreciated.

mike gurnee

We looked at the issue in terms of what belongs in a neighborhood commercial district. By definition, they should be uses for the convenience of the immediately adjacent residential area. Sounds like a convenience store, but the business needs volume to succeed--and looks for sites with 20,000+ vehicles per day. We have a decent transportation system, and arterials are no more than 1/2 mile from any residence, with highway commercial zones at appropriate intersections. End result is that our neighborhood commercial district was eliminated from the code as superfluous.