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What school? 🏫 Graduate programs?


Hey guys. Looking for advice on graduate schools to apply to. I'd like to go to a solid program, but I'm not the most competitive applicant, and it's hard to tell what schools I'd realistically have a shot at getting into. What I'm looking for:
  • Accredited program
  • More applied than theoretical focus in coursework
  • Western US

My profile:
  • 3.8 gpa from a small no-name school. Some accolades- honors fraternity, deans list, etc.
  • Sociology major. Some classes in GIS. Graduating spring 22
  • I want to focus on housing or community development

Any suggestions of schools that might be a good fit would be welcome, or suggestions of how to make myself a stronger candidate. I'd also love to hear about anyone's experience of the application process in general, and things you found to be especially helpful.


Academically, you sound like a fantastic candidate - your GPA is right on target/more than what it needs to be to be honest.

However, you didn't mention anything else outside of academics. When did you graduate? Have you done any volunteering, internships, travel, shadowing, advocacy, or anything remotely related to planning since then?

As for schools, I know Portland State and San Jose State are two of the more practical/applied focused schools on the West Coast, and affordable too. The courses at both look really interesting, I've considered taking a remote class at both just for fun.