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Grandfather Claus on property


We had a major argument with our neighbors about our property line. They think they own about 6-8 feet of our property. We asked our former neighbors just to be sure and we watched where the pin was to make sure we were not putting our fence on their property plus we put the fence 2 feet away from the pin in the road to make sure. He wants to have the land surveyed and that's fine because I would love to to show them. What I want to know is how long do you have to take care of and use the property before the "grandfather Claus" takes effect?

Linden Smith

First, by "grandfather claus" I believe you are reffering to adverse possesion, which does not seem to be an issue here. Have the survey done, and make sure that the line is well marked, long steel "pins" are put in the ground at the corners of the property. I'd only put the fence about 6" off the line, put the "good" side to your neighbors. It seems to be too late to try and get them to split the cost of the fence. It might be a good idea to have the surveyors create a new deed description and plat of the property if the present one is over 50 years old. It can then be filed with the clerks office in case you ever need to redetermine the property line.