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Green Roof Library Mentioned on NPR


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:-} Our newest library was mentioned in the NPR story about -

'Green' Roofs Sprout Up All Over
Growing Plants on Buildings Said to Offer Environmental Benefits

"Some of the newer roofs making the news include ... a prairie-covered library in Evansville, Ind., ..."

The caption from the photo gallery (5 of 6) -
The Oaklyn Branch Library in Evansville, Ind., was among the winners of the 2004 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities awards presented by the green roof industry. The publicly accessible green roof was designed to create a native "mesic meadow" prairie blending into the landscape.

Credit: GRHC
Read More About This Project: http://www.greenroofs.org/pages/grhc2004_oaklyn_lib.htm


I went to a greenroof seminar in Philly in January that had the architect of this library speak. You people of Evansville got a nice place to find books and such. I was surprised that the SF cost wasn't much higher than a comparable library of its size, since three of the walls are windowless concrete pours made to be backfilled. Looke really comfy inside too. I wish more towns would build earth-sheltered structures and provide ordinances encouraging the same. I can think of a lot of buildings I'd like to bury!

If you are into earth-sheltered structures, google Malcolm Wells. He was one of the early promoters of it back in the 60's.

The One

Green Roofs


This is a very good idea, if maintenance and technical issues aren't a problem:
Flat roof top drainage; dirt seeping over the edge of the roof after heavy rains; roof repairs; weight on existing structures; relocation of mechanical AC equipment or vents on rooftops.....

If it can be used to retrofit rooftops, just imagine all of the apartments/condo's that look down onto nasty tar/mechanical roof tops in the inner city areas that could now look down on the new open space of US cities..... :)