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Guest suites vs. hotels


Our city is trying to determine how to deal with corporate guest suites. These are uses which lease large blocks of apartments/condos to be used for short term (30 days - 1 year)corporate rentals for relocating professionals or contract employees. The root of the argument is whether these are commercial or residential uses.

There have been complaints in other jurisdictions by condo dwellers that their complexes are being treated like hotels. "These people" who use the guest suites are either unaware or uninterested in the condo rules (complaints of parking in the wrong spot, loud noises, maid service carts disrupting the quality of life are frequent).

It's hard to distinguish a difference between the corporate guest suite companines and other property management groups (e.g. apt. rental companies), other than by the type of clients who use the service.

Has anyone else had to deal with this issue? Any suggestions as to how (or if) to identify the uses and where to permit them? Should they be treated like hotels (extended stay hotels) or residential units?