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Happy Death of the SUV Neurosis


Station Wagon

Just slap a magnetic logo of your favorite city or county on the wagon and other motorists would be proud. Suppose every community in the country upgraded all of their vehicles to an SUV. Do you think people would bitch about how wasteful government is?


Danie, good question, because from the tone of this thread, there appear to very few choices based upon "what kind of car we really need."

If I owned a Honda Accord, that would be ok? But what if it was a 6 cylinder instead of a 4? Would you guys say I didn't need a 6 and that a 4 cylinder was all I really need.? Therefore support terrorists...?

I know that point is silly, but that's the point of this conversation.

My two cents is that pressure like this is all based in class warfare.

The soccer mom, the SUV driver, for all intents and purposes represent some type of success that rubs many on this board the wrong was.

I am going to have to echo EG.

The true costs need to be quantifiable.

Let's wait til the annual results come out of Detroit and see what percentage of Americans bought SUV's versus last year and as a percentage of total sales. Then we'll see about this grand decline.

If anybody can find that, please do.


Cyburbian Plus
I know in the DC area i need more power than my little much loved Saturn can give me, if you cant JUMP out in traffic you will get run the hell over (by one of the huge SUVs)

I have redlined my tachometer a few times trying to merge into traffic-gotta have some more kick. but i see no reason for a high test sports car-no one is gonna get up over about 85 around here on the best of days. If they try-the cops get to pick you out of between the jersey walls that line everything. isnt it a pain to do all that down shifting in stop and go traffic?


PlannerGirl said:
humm i have actualy been thinking about the Outback-god a young single woman with no kids owning a station wagon-god help me!

I've got the sedan - leather, sunroof, heated seats, power everything - vey comfortable. It has the four-cylinder "boxer" and gets about 26 mpg and is still pretty peppy.


Bush Administration Expresses Concern over SUVs!

Hmmm, you know there is a problem when the Bush administration expresses concern:

I can speak from personal experience on the problems of rollovers. I live near some of the most dangerous section of interstate highway in the US (IH35 south of Austin). I can not recall ever being to a fatal accident involving the occupants of a small or even sub-compact passenger car.

The last two fatalities I remember were a Peterbilt that smashed through the southbound then the northbound jersey barriers and rolled on its side with full fuel tanks bursting into flames. The other was an Explorer with Firestone tires that failed causing a roll over (and over and over and over).

The young mother driving the Explorer was DRT (dead right there) and the Peterbilt driver died two days later in the BAMC burn center.

Gas hogs and unsafe, a pretty expensive tradeoff for image IMHO!