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Happy Mothers Day


Let me be the first to wish all of you Cyburbian moms, mums, mamas and mamans a happy Mother's Day. Hopefully you all got a nice card, some flowers and perhaps breakfast in bed.

And for the rest of you...
Get off that computer and call your mother!

Zoning Goddess

Thank you! I had a wonderful lunch out, and got a beautiful sterling silver ring from my son. Oh, and I took tomorrow off, and am letting the kid play hooky from school, his favorite thing.
You are sweet, Biscuit. But I knew that months ago. :)

I called my mom for the first time since January. She was much easier to talk to, now that I am not a Whack Job from medication. :-D

My kids probably don't know it's mothers day, since they don't watch TV and such, and I guess hubby isn't feeling too warm and fuzzy, what with my intentions of divorcing him. So: no card, no flowers, no chocolates, and no breakfast in bed. Besides, I was the first person awake today, what with being Clean and Sober and the government kindly threatening to throw me in jail if I don't pull jury duty tomorrow. But the cashier where I ate lunch wished me an enthusiastic "Happy Mother's Day".

Actually, being off all prescription drugs -- something even I did not expect to ever achieve and my doctors certainly would have never predicted it, they were willing to write me off as "just don't expect to EVER get well: Symptom Management is the name of the game" --er, as I was saying, being off all prescription drugs and only on OTC stuff "as needed", plus all the non-drug stuff I do, has made this a pretty awesome day for me. I got up around 7:30am. I feel like an actual human being. I feel like 3 1/2 years of medical h*ll have just suddenly and unexpectedly ended. I feel like Miracles Do Happen and so forth and so on and additional Mushy Stuff.

If "your" day was half as fantastic, then it has been pretty darn awesome. :)
Biscuit - thank you very much - we had a great mother's day. Rob's cousin was married this weekend, so the post wedding brunch was Sunday and I ate like a truck driver. We'd actually already celebrated, Rob took me to NYC last weekend to see the Lion King on Broadway. So all in all, I made out pretty good.

MZ - Congrats on being able to enjoy the day with a clear head! :)