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Help Uploading large pics

Which Hat


I'm in need of a little help. I buzzed Dan direct but he doesn't appear to be about. I noted that he has posted some pics recently.

I've received new instructions today in relation to a development that I'm wanting to post for comment.

The pics/photomontages are largish files - 89 KB to about 360KB. How can I condense them? Some of the pics posted on Cyburbia are really small jpegs and I don't know why.

Please excuse my lack of underatanding of the technology.
Can someone help me post them. I think I'm limited to 75KB pics.



Dear Leader
Staff member
Here's the private message I sent ya'.

In the forums, graphic attachments have to be smaller than 75K, and they can't be larger than 600 pixels in any dimension. With vBulletin, photos are stores in the database itself, so the size restructions ensure the database remains relatively compact.

There's three options ...

1) Shrink the images. Use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro if you have it. If not, a great freeware program for graphic file viewing and format conversion is IrfanView.

2) If the images are from a remote Web site, you can refer to the location using vBcode ... there should be an option that wll tell you how to use the IMG tag in posts.

3) If they're on your hard drive, you can upload them to the Cyburbia Gallery. As a forum participant, you can create a photo album in the Cyburbia Gallery; see http://www.cyburbia.org/gallery . Once they're uploaded, you can reference them using the IMG tag, and they'll display in your post. Maximum dimension is 1280 pixels in any direction, and 150K.

As a last resprt, e-mail the pictures to me (cyburbia at cyburbia dot org), and I'll shrink 'em to fit.