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Hey Big Easy King!

El Feo

Mastiff said:
Heh... You can just wait until BBall season, pal! ;)

4-0, but admittedly they haven't payed anybody that good yet. Just Kentucky, Syracuse, Texas El Paso (they truly suck) and Temple. Still, they are getting stronger every game, and it'll be a new conference for them soon.

And yeah, we WILL be mopping up all the trash talkers here come hoops time...


Big Easy King

NHPlanner said:
Boils down to D-I schools having less scholarships to give out....more guys that might have been second/third stringers for an SEC, ACC, or Big 10 school are going to MAC schools and contributing right away. The talent is much more spread out around college football now than it's ever been. The MAC schools just don't have the depth on their teams that the big conference schools do.

Be a little more patient, the MAC is making great strides. :)