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Hi there! 👋 Hi and Best Wishes for the season


Original message:
I'm posting a message after a long long time and can sure remember elguapo.
I think Dan's not around or something.
Maybe late for the christmas wishes but sure in time for the new year eve and the new year itself. so happy and good wishes to all.
Current message:

Hi all.
I dont even remember when i registered first with cyburbia.
End of 2001 or early 2002 or middle of 2002.???
As i just mentioned to elguapo its nice to see some familiar names like dan,guapo, boiker, mike gurnee and all.
Since in the last couple of years or so I have been irregular and forgotten passwords twice and reregistered thrice( or whatever)

This time is for sure a permanent entry in to the forum.

So considering this as a fresh entry into the group heres the intro message:

My name and profession are duely mentioned at the end of the message.
BY qualification I have a bachelors and a masters in planning from the two well known institutes in India.
right after my post graduation ceremony I returned to my hometown( because its booming and for other reasons as well)
and started and ran a planning consultancy firm for three years.
Last year this time I closed it.
Now for the past year I am an independent consultant, mostly to the local and the state government here and for a only very few private sector projects.
things are getting better and everyday is a enjoyable struggle. Theres enough learning everyday to keep me going. Only have to keep thinking fresh.:)

I also do lectures( speaking and interacting mostly) for undergrads and post grads in GIS development and apllications/IT appllications in the university here. ( Planning and architecture)
I like to talk u see[ but only when i want to and feel like ;-) ] So i may be moody at times( rarely actually).
I enjoy travelling, reading wodehouse, asimov( and louis l'amour- that was a long time ago).
Music and sports? Definite yes!! :)
the other interests will make a long list[so only on request ;-)]

Professionally speaking i am working on urban planning projects( new city plans ), transportation planning( mass transit station location/siting, facility planning for such stations, intra city highway alignment and cross sections, circulation plans for the metro area of Hyderabad India), GIS and e-governance ( developing models for the government).

of course Interests also lie in interact with people from other countries and learning more about their culture( theres so much to learn )
Life is good here in the city of Hyderabad, work is tough to get but good to do. Its bomming city as i said. The second largest IT centre in India. Lot of physical development. Right now I am part of the large government plan to deliberately increase the urban sprawl of my city. The existing population is 6 million, notified urban development area is more than 1200 sq. miles.

Thats it for now guys and i hope to make some news friends now.
Hope the intro was fairly comprehensive and may not attract any wierd wisecracks( just joking :)
Please go ahead as thats what cyburbia is all about.

Bye and best wishes.


Welcome back! Many of us old-timers are still around, only we have changed our names.


Hello and welcome (back). Does your interest in sport include cricket (cricket gets a bad rap on Cyburbia)? Maybe we can gang up to give the North Americans some insight.


Now I would call that a really decent welcome.
MAybe like some of the old timers I may have to go incognito in some time and then maybe the fun can happen with the serious talk.

But for the time being I will be under my full real name.

Thanks anyway

So keep it going guys.

PS. Although my interest has reduced in Cricket, its a major sport in India( Like australia and England). I play rarely but watch more frequently. OF course I'm keeping a tab on the current India-Aussie series. Looks like u guys will take this test easily.
As far as the education of north americans are concerned.
Mostof my undergrad collegemates are in the US and all tehy talk about is baseball and basketball.
BAseball I know and basketball I play. Thats how it is.
But Rem, U wanto gang up. Anytime. :)

And I'll definitely put up some snaps of Hyderabad.