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Highway twinning and growth projections


Help! I am currently working for a small town (approx. 3700 people) and a rural municipality (approx. 14,000 people) doing background stats in preparation for a major review of the Land Use By-law etc.

We are about a 1/2 hour away from Halifax the capital and largest municipality in the province (approx. 300,000) which is also a big employment area.

In the next 5 years the major highway from Halifax to our area will be twinned which leads most people to believe that the area will experience an increase in the number of people living here and working there. It is already assumed that quite a number of people already make the commute (29% from one area of the Municipality according to a survey done in 1991)

Our problem is trying to decide how much....any suggestions? Or can anyone give me examples of a simlar scenario from elsewhere?