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Graduate/Masters Historic Preservation and Planning

Hi all, greetings from Ontario!

Looking for some advice regarding graduate programs. My undergraduate degree is a Hon.BA double major in fine art history (hence the username) and urban studies. I'm most interested in architectural conservation, historic preservation, and architectural history as it relates to urban planning. Not sure what that combination looks like yet, or what my end career will be. My cumulative GPA is a 3.15 with my last 2 years being a 3.82 (rough first year!). Unfortunately, Canada has no options for me in historic preservation, so I have looked at the U.S. and UK:

Architectural Conservation at University of Edinburgh + other similar programs in the UK like University of Bath, etc.
I know that Cornell has an MA in Historic Preservation Planning as a part of their Urban Planning Masters program. Is this more difficult to get into?
USC Master of Heritage Conservation
Columbia, UPenn (although my lower GPA may make these impossible)
I know that UC Denver also has Historic Preservation - does anyone know more about this program?

I am not opposed to completing a Masters degree in the historic preservation field and then getting a Masters in urban planning afterwards. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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