Home Remodel Question for the Throbbing Brain


Michele Zone said:
The San Francisco Bay Area is the only Mediterranean climate in the entire U.S. Much of the Bay Area has temperatures that hover between 60 and 80 degree year-round, with spikes upwards or downwards from time to time (like any coastal climate, weather can change rapidly in response to winds and storms coming in from the ocean). However, Solano is the flattest county of the 9 counties in the bay area and that distinguishes it from the other 8. That is probably a contributing factor in how agricultural and rural we remain. We are also more inland than most of the counties. Those two factors contribute to Solano being substantially warmer than most of the rest of the bay area, especially as you move inland. Vacaville can be quite hot in the summer.

However, having grown up in Georgia, I have not seen very many days this year that didn't merit a sweater -- especially towards evening. |-)
What's really wierd are the swings. Monday, the high was 98 degrees. Wednesday, I doubt we reached 80. It all depends on the marine influence, where the temperature differential between the hot Central valley and the chilly, foggy Coast can create 35 mph winds roaring right through Solano County. They are enough to make a cyclist cry sometimes.