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How important are ASLA competitions for students?

Radio Limbo

I'm looking at prospective MLA/MRP programs, and recently I was browsing through back issues of Landscape Architecture Magazine, which I really enjoy. One of the issues that featured the annual ASLA student design and research awards featured a table listing the number of entries from each L.Arch. school over the past few years.

I noticed that, while some schools (e.g. Kansas State, Guelph, UT-Arlington) have several entries each year, some of the other schools that I would expect to have highly regarded programs (Harvard, Berkeley, U. of Washington, Penn, etc.) had no entries at all. This discovery surprised me.

Basically, I'm asking: how seriously do schools take these competitions as part of a student's professional education? What does a school's level of participation say about its program?

Thank you for your replies.