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How on God's green earth....

SW MI Planner

...can we take care of this crap? (hopefully the pictures work)




He has up his sexy temporary accessory structure to house the items that will go in the garage when it is completed. I already told him that has to go when the garage is done. For what it's worth, he isn't quite cooperative.

He leaves a bunch of crap all over the yard, including two boats, a number of cars (all licensed and registered and running), lawn equipment, etc. It looks like hell, but what can we do? Our ordinance doesn't allow parking on unimproved surfaces in the front yard. OK, fine, but they are all in the side yard....

The trailer (Rockin Rocky's DJ Service((ooh ooh!!))) was allowed by the former planner. I personally consider it a sign, so I can probably jawbone that one.

The pile of dirt/wood (he says it's his fire wood) we can address because potentially it can can harbor rodents.

The Property Maintenance Code 302.1 states "All exterior property and premises shall be maintained in a clean, safe, and sanitary condition." Could I use that to tell him to keep his **** picked up? astericks by me :) Isn't that kind of subjective - whose to say it's NOT clean, safe, and sanitary? We have a junk ordinance, but again, whose to say what is junk or not.

On the other hand...who are we to make him 'clean' it up? It's his property - it's probably not unsafe, but just annoying and ugly. I sure the heck wouldn't want to live next to it.

Any ideas, help, comments, solutions, blah blah blah would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Have a great Friday!!



Is he on a corner? We use the term "street yard" in place of "front yard." Still, no cars on any umimproved surface. I would not object to his keeping firewood, but say that it has to be neatly stacked in a suitable location at the side/rear of the property. That temporary structure needs to come down. The junk needs to go in the garage or garbage. I realize you may not have the authority to require these things. You may want to revisit your ordinances.