How to be data scientist in transportation planning...

Hi,I'm a college student who studies civil engineering in Korea, especially I focus on railway transportation planning. But now famous university...

But, these days I'm interested in big data, data science in transportation planning.

So, i wonder how can i become a researcher which focus on data science in transportation planning.

Actually, now I think I transfer to another famous university which has majors like statics, CS or Industrial engineering ...

Or, I just go to good grad school ... ?

Then what major is perfect for me ....?


There's a few things you could do:

1. You could go to a Master's in Urban Planning program that has a strong concentration and faculty doing research in Smart Cities (ex: like MIT) and learn to code on your own.
Downside: The degree won't be that technical, will focus more on policy. You probably won't actually learn to code. Upside: it's an up and coming field.

2. You could get a dual degree in Urban Planning and Computer Science like (ex: like University of Michigan) - Downside, 3 year degree, more expensive. Upside: More robust skillset.

3. You could get skip planning altogether and get a Master's of Urban Information Science or Urban Informatics (I think Northeastern University in Boston has this? I see web ads all the time), or Master's of Regional Science (ex: like Cornell University) The downside of this option is that they tend to be newer, smaller programs that are more experimental in nature, but that also may mean it's lower cost and more faculty interaction? Maybe, not sure.

4. You could just go for the Master of Computer Science but choose a program that has a concentration in urban problems (ex: Cornell Tech campus in NYC).

5. If you want to go into research, you'll probably need a PhD...

Internship ideas:
Maybe a major transit agency that does a lot of data science work, like the New York City MTA, or a firm that specializes in scenario planning or uses more of a data approach to their projects (Calthrope Associates? Maybe) or even work at a geospatial company like Esri or CartoDB.

Hope that helps! Good luck! Others - please chime in if you know of other programs! I just threw out the ones I had heard of.