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Hurricane Isabel

Queen B

No Big Deal

First of all, I do not want to discount the serious nature of potential damage hurricanes can cause but

I just happened to be back east for this one! All the hype and anxiety are outrageous. I said before I went laughingly, "bet this thing turns north and comes right up at me." But for the saving grace of NC.

No driving wind, No torential rain, I heard they took our fearless leader, GW to Camp David, I guess he was as safe as I, they vaguely say I was on the other side of the mountain for there.

The wind was nothing like that regularly in the plains states and the plains knows about driving rains. Do you think they would ever close a city out here down for driving rain? Hardly.

So from what I can tell between the great electric outage and the big hurricane, seems to me that a great portion of the easterners are a bunch of spoiled rotten ninnies ( sorry ninnies) that can't deal with stuff the rest of use deal with all the time.


Cyburbian Plus
Im Back!

Got all my services restored today *yhaee*

The area looks bad, parts of DC, Alexandria and Fairfax Co are under water still, traffic on 395 has been hell becouse of closures of part of the interstate due to water. I hope all the water coming down from the mnts has passed (ive not heard the news yet today)

Hundreds of thousands of folks still without water, power etc. Dry Ice cant seem to be made fast enough and folks are starting to get cranky.

Gotta find out if work has power for tomorrow-im not sitting in a basement with a flashlight.

Trail Nazi

We weathered the storm just fine. Only big thing is that we have to boil our water. Never lost any power, thank goodness because my husband and I got food poisoning. That would have really stunk. Anyway, hope everyone else is doing well.