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I am having this problem more and more. . . .


these days,.... and I am just surprised that I had not seen it much earlier... but sometimes the worst things of all are just staring you in the face and you can blame the computer and the system and just about everything else.... but sometimes it all can just boil to user intervention.... that is right, that old baddie..

This follows on from a previous thread which I started only a very short time ago at CG Architect:


You see, very often, they want to check out various options, check out things for costing, option A or option B... which would be easiest for the client,... which would cost more money.... etc, etc. THe engineers know that it would take me a certain amount of time to get the relevant information sorted out, and done properly for them... to do this assessment.... so often, they will target some lowly little computer hack, who doesn't really know what they are doing,.... and bully them into 'editing' the source files so to speak. In other words.... they are hacking into my working files.

Having 'gotten away' with hacking into my computer files... having got their little problem/solution done.... the lowly novice computer user, having just done what he/her was told to do.... doesn't exactly know how to set everything back right again. Now we have a real problem, because, having done this little 'exercise' that very same engineers the next time he wants something done.... walks straight up to me... and expects of me, that everything on the computer, already having been edited, changed, re-organised and 'screwed up' basically.... should and could magically all just drop back into place without some work done on it.

As an old CAD manager, just recently retired told me one day.... the Engineers that I am working for, really don't care about anything else, except that their little tasks get done.... so then they can fire shots at everyone else, who hasn't finished their work... you see. So bearing that in mind now.... only yesterday... the Engineer needed to send a fax, with option A and option B.... to another engineer.... this joker reckoned he wouldn't stand in line and wait for this, to come from me directly.... a lot of engineers do in fairness wait in line patiently, the same way as you would wait to be served your coffee or whatever.

This engineer isn't like all the others though, and regularly likes to skip the que... if he pencils in 15 minutes to do this task in his diary.... come hell or high water.... he will get this done in 15 minutes, regardless of who or what he has to walk all over. So he went into the cubicle right beside mine, and got this guy who had full open access to all of my project files to go in and hack them up to pieces.... on his instructions, just to do something for a quick fax option A/B sheet.

Now, after having sent that fax, and had a nice cup of coffee, he arrives into my cubicle and asked me to open the same project files, and to do complete the main project, which was a big huge job (compared to just a fax say).... and needed to go for construction next MOnday morning. I instantly recognised the files had been edited, by the unusually bad drafting/design style of the person who had last edited these files.... and that Engineers response was to give me a big long lecture about how I was wasting his time, and I needed to pull up my socks!

This particular engineer will both get his fax done, in the 15 minute time slot in which he wanted it done.... he will also get his construction issue documents for next MOnday morning.... and went out the door Friday evening whistling away to himself, since he doesn't have to come in Saturday now.... just to do that fax.... you see? Because he had been cubicle jumping and using a lowly novice to go in and to 'directly' edit the source documents. If this engineer had had the honesty to come to me directly, I would have come in Saturday myself, and taken care of his fax for him, in such a way, as I would not destroy my own source design files in the process.... but that would be too much like playing the game straight for this guy.

What I am just trying to point out, is that the Engineer was perfectly aware and understood the damage he was indeed doing.... but I think is just pretending to be ignorant about computers.... and pretending to think they are wonder machines.... just so that he can send out fax-issued documents in 15 minutes instead of needing a hour on a Saturday or late Friday evening to do it instead. He did untold damage to my schedule... and because it added things to my work shedule which didn't need to be there in the first place.... it threw my whole nicely organised and 'do-able' project schedule out of shape.... so I end up losing my weekend and my free time.

But somewhere along the line, this particular Engineer learned this tactic of skipping the que and findling the system to his own gains... and really needs to be re-thought at this stage. For all I know, he has probably been doing this for a long time here, and it was only by complete chance that I flagged this problem at all.... by setting out my own schedule very carefully and being very well organised.... I knew instinctively, that I really shouldn't need to work this weekend!

Anyone here old enough to recall a day, when things really were productive like this:


Giggle... :)
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