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I am new to this so help me in the jungle


Hi guys.
Im at the urban design studio at the Univesity of Oklahoma .
im a grad student .
We have been working on the mayor's vision fo Tulsa-Ok for the past few days and i find it a completlye hopeless exercise to envision a Vision, there are so amny people involved that by the time things get finalized we come to realize the vested interests of the groups that are invovlved which could range from a soccer staida downtown to a contempory art center of new infill development...
Do u think that we shuld undertake such studies in real time to understand the planning process. ???????????

Give me an answer .IS a planning degree better off for an architect who likes to see his projects through realtime or a planning ...because it req patience and history to make history...
im new so let me know more on it...