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I need a writer.

It's generally assumed that everyone here is interested in and knows a lot (or at least a good deal) about urban planning. Are any of you good (preffereably great...let's not be modest, but honest) writers with some serious opinions you'd like to express in a place more permenant than a forum? If anyone has some time on their hands and thinks writing about planning sounds like fun, please say so here and/or message me. I'll explain more then.

Previous experience and other credentials are a BIG PLUS!!!


I'd be curious to know where you would like to see our writings and ramblings presented - perhaps chisled into stone tablets lining the walls of a sacred temple to planning in the APA headquarters building?

But seriously, I was thinking along the same lines as I mowed the lawn this morning. We certainly have opinions. I think as a lot, Cyburbianites are bright, committed planners with energy and ideas, but chafing as they butt up against the established way of doing things, whether represented by employers, boards, politicians, or others within our profession. What a great topic for Planning Magazine!

C'mon, we know you Planning editors and APA leadership are lurking out there. Take up the challenge! Put out a call to APA's membership, to the chapters and divisions, and on sites like Cyburbia for practicioners to share their observations, philosophies and ideas on the past, present and future of the profession. Duany, Calthorpe, Florida and the other big names have their ideas, now let's hear from the El Guapos, Bturks, Dan Tasmans and others. I'll commit to writing down my thoughts on economic development, and if you really want, I'll share a few ideas on small town and rural planning.


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Would anybody be interested in a Weblog (blog) feature on Cyburbia?