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I Need Autocad Assistance


I am having problems figuring out how to draw in perspective in AutoCAD. I figure many of you might be familiar with the program wo who better to ask? I have the plan of a space and I need to somehow produce a perspective of it. What do I do? I know isometric....that's as far as my 3D experince goes though. I can do a perspective by hand if worst comes to worst.....but I'd like to learn in AutoCAD nonetheless. A phone call may be in order to help me and walk me through the steps.... I just need some help. I even have the Autocad bible and that's no good...sigh...


This is actually one of the few computer things that I am relatively good at . I can see it better in my head and explain it better then I can do it.

Do you want to draw in true 3D (XYZ) or just draw something to appear in 3D?

My suggested course of action is as follow. this is for true 3d

1) Open the Drawing
2) Reset the view point to an isometric one(NW, NE, SE, SW)
3) change the UCS, by rotating around the axis around the x or y axis 90 degrees. You'll need to do this for each face of the drawing you want to work on.
4)In the new ucs create a series of layers to match the lines you need to draw. I typically label mine the same as the ones in 2D but add 90 to the front.
5) extend lines upwards for appropriate heights.
6) change ucs back to normal to draw tops of items.
7) If you have to face the items make sure to do it in the right UCS, or things will get messy.
8) Once faced use the hide command to get rid of lines that should be hidden.

If you need it in perspective, then using the dynamic viewpoint command change the location of the camera.

Hope this was clear enough, if not PM me or ask a question here and I'll walk you through it, if need be PM me and we can organize you sending me the file to look at.

A few other hints for working in 3D. Take your left hand, point your thumb at yourself, your pointing finger up and your middle finger to the right. Your thumb is the z axis(depth), your pointer is the yaxis (up and down) and your middle finger is teh x axis (left to right)
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