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Ideal Planning Job


Over the months and years Cyburbia has discussed so many aspects of job and career that it is sometimes difficult to come up with a topic that the mods don't immediately refer to a previous post. We have talked about other dream jobs (what we would be/do if we weren't Planners), etc. Maybe this will be a bit different:

Since we are pretty much all Planners, what would your dream job be as a Planner? or What conditions could be changed about your current job to make it perfect? or What would be the perfect place (city, town, county, state) to be a Planner in?

Feel free to answer any one of these or all three.

Richmond Jake

You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!
Haaah!!! This is a trick question. There is no such thing as the "Ideal Planning Job." Those are incompatable terms that should not be placed so close to each or else they loose their meanings; in even a proper setting. And there's no perfect place to be a planner because you're always at the center of the s**t storm regardless of location. (IMHO)

Zoning Goddess

I always thought my boss at my previous jurisdiction had the perfect job. Chief Planner over a bunch of fairly malleable planners (all still there), lots of cases but few that were stress-inducing, lots of variety, small town, fast-growing county (but over a third in public conservation ownership), corner office. He was a happy guy. If I had remained there, I would have been the heir to the throne, but since it was a small town, my intentions to divorce Mr. D**khead meant somebody had to leave.