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I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

Rumpy Tunanator

Thousands of people are expected to watch the attempt on the ground around Mojave Airport, about 65 miles north of Los Angeles. An unusual entrepreneurial aviation brain trust developed the craft in secret at the airfield and without the vast overhead of the national programs responsible for all previous manned spaceflights.

I've been following this for some time now and am wondering what the outcome will be tomorrow. Personally, after expecting flying cars by the 21st century while growing up, this brings me one step closer to the possiblities that I may indeed one day leave earth and embark on a mission in another galaxy or solar system.

I think if a privately funded space craft does work and is feasible, then maybe we'll see a faster push for space stations on the moon and mars as more private sector dollars are sent into space. It would be nice to see the average citizen of earth being able to experience space travel for a reasonable price.


Warning: joke to follow below.

I guess buying that 2 acres on the moon wasn't a foolish idea afterall;)