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Images of infill

In the Neighborhood Planning work we are currently undertaking, one of our stumbling blocks with encouraging smaller lot housing, secondary apartments, and multi family housing, is that we currently lack good local examples that people can visit. This makes it difficult for some people to overcome fears about the negative impacts of more diverse and dense housing forms.

Therefore we are currently searching for some images of well-designed infill development particularly smaller lot housing, townhouses, multi-family, mixed use development, garage apartments etc.

If anyone has any images of these types of housing that you might be able to share, it would be most appreciated.

Many thanks.


I am not sure if this is the same scale of development you are looking for, but RTKL has some great examples of mixed use areas. I know a few of them are available on there website, but if you contact them they might send you some additional information... I have visited a few mixed use areas they have been involved with and they are great examples, only downside is the affordability of the areas.