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Infused water


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A few years ago we were making fairly regular treks to Cleveland Clinic and usually stayed overnight at various hotels near the CC campus. I was not fond of the expense associated with hotel rooms, but one thing I was fond of in our travels was how most hotels offered in their lobby areas infused water dispensers to guests and folks checking in. I'm talking about these things:

Typically the container is filled with a mix of ice, water, and some sort of fruit or vegetable imparting an interesting flavor. I recently had an epiphany - why not get a dispenser like that for our house? Every member of our household is currently fighting (and unfortunately mostly losing) the 'battle of the bulge.' One way to cut down on all the calories is to drink more water instead of pop, juice, beer or other calorie-laden beverages. One of the problems with water, though, is that it is boring as heck to drink. Hydrating with water feels much more like a chore than hydrating with juice or root beer. It occurred to me that a possible solution is to make water more fun and interesting by keeping a constant rotation of fun an interesting things to infuse the water with. There are literally hundreds of infused water combinations that can be found online. So far my favorites include:
lemon - lime (as pictured above)
blueberry - carrot
apple - cinnamon
watermelon - basil

Like I said, the possibilities are vast. Since getting the dispenser earlier this year we've managed to cut our household pop (soda) consumption by half and no longer find the task of hydrating to be toilsome.

Does anyone else here drink infused water? The fancy dispenser is nice, but it's not at all essential, and using a pitcher to fill with fruit and ice water, or even skip the ice altogether and just stick a pitcher in the fridge works just as well too. What flavor combos are you fond of? Have you stumbled upon any discovery of cool combos on your own?
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I don't drink infused water, but I've encountered it at a growing number of places, mainly in hotel lobbies. A lot of people don't drink tap water (even though there's nothing wrong it it), they're turned off by the possibility of "germs" from drinking fountains, and having bottled water on hand can be expensive and environmentally questionable. Given that, some tap water with cucumbers or limes or whatever floating in it is an attractive alternative.

Those little flavor enhancer squirty things can be a decent option if you're not enthusiastic for straight tap water. However, they have limited appeal among some in their target market., because OMG CHEMICALS! :wow: I like the Mio pink and regular lemonade enhancers.

I drink a lot more seltzer now, in place of pop. (And I'll call it pop until the day I die, even though I live on the "soda" side of the isogloss.)


I drink water almost exclusively these days and I love the idea of adding fruits &/or veggies to add a shot of flavor. That being said, I don't actually do it often. I actually like cucumber water even though the taste is very very mellow. I also have one of those pitchers (received as a gift) that has the separate section in the middle for your fruit and whatnot. I've never used it; I should.

Every once in a while, I'll add a strawberry or a handful of cherries to my water bottle. Really after the first refill, the flavor is pretty much gone and I generally try to refill my bottle at least 3 times a day.