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Internet Cafe


How do other towns categorize an "Internet Cafe"?
In my town, they are considered an "arcade". They cannot be located in the same residential-commercial area as a Starbucks or an Ice Cream store. "Arcade" seems like an antiquated designation. Do other towns have something more specific?

The term "Internet Cafe" is used to describe a wide variety of uses:
1) A bunch of PCs crammed in a room for playing games, mostly teenage males.
2) A rental space for telecommuting.
3) A coffee shop with PCs.

What I have in mind is a room full of PCs which will have a variety of uses.

1) After school tutoring.
2) Recreational education for kids: i.e. how to build a robot.
3) Professional-technical education for adults.
4) Games
5) Summer courses for kids

These activities are done during different hours:
School Days:
Professional-technical 8am-1pm.
After-school tutoring is 1pm-6pm. Games and/or professional-technical education would be scheduled 6pm - 10pm.

I wont list all detail because I think you get the idea.

How would you city planners classify this type of business and what restrictions would you impose in terms of location and operating hours?