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Interview expenses


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In response to: interview expenses posted by douglas reed on May 09, 1999 at 16:23:58:

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Does anyone out there know how to politically bring up reimbursement for travel expenses in regards to out-of-town interviews? I just spent $500 on an planning interview in Texas, and reimbursement was not brought up during the interview. Is this the norm for the planning profession? If so, I will have to focus my career search on Kansas only (my current residence), where planning opportunities are limited right now. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately, paying for your own interview expenses is the norm. Occasionally, you may get reimbursed for lodging and meals, but that's about it. I;ve only been reimbursed for airfare once.

I think of interview expenses as an investment. You have to decide if your investment is going to be very risky, or if it's going to pay off. When I was in my job hunting stage, I was offered an interview in Oregon -- me and 11 other people. I turned down the interview offer because my expenses would be extremely high, and my odds of landing the job slim. If only three or four people are being interviewed, your odds of landing the job are pretty high -- spending $500 for a cheap flight and a room at Super 8 might be worth it.

Another thing to ask is if they already have a person in mind for the job already. Sometimes, a personnel department requires that a minimum number of people be interviewed. The planning agency has already made their mind up about who they're going to hire, but they need "cannon fodder" to meet personnel department or Civil Service requirements.

Jerry Weitz

interview expenses

Some agencies will do a telephone interview for their first cut. You might ask if that option is available in the future.

Then you only have to pay for travel if you are a finalist.