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[IowaAPA] Planning for Signs and Billboards in a Digital Age


Sam Perry

Planning Colleagues:

Can any of you that subscribed to Option B of the Audio/Web Conference
Series, tell me if the recording of the Digital Signs audio conference
from October 13, 2010 has been shipped out to you yet? I am trying to find
out from APA, but they haven't returned my call yet. They told me back in
October that it takes 6 weeks or so to get it finalized. We are looking to
purchase it for our archives since we will be embarking on a code update
to encompass current digital sign technologies. It was a great discussion,
but a lot to take in at once!



Sam Perry, Planner
City of Ames, IA, Dept of Planning & Housing
Direct: (515) 239-5447
Front Desk: (515) 239-5400
Fax: (515) 239-5404
Email: sperry (AT) city (DOT) ames.ia.us
Web: www.cityofames.org

515 Clark Ave.
P.O. Box 811
Ames, IA 50010