[IowaAPA] visibility triangle


Sam Perry

We are considering updating our visibility triangle standards. Curious
what other Iowa zoning regs are out there on the issue. I notice that
several cities across the country make distinctions between alleys,
streets, driveways and also streets with sidewalks. The highest standards
seem to require a 45 foot triangle. Ours is 20 feet, which I think is a
little dated for modern traffic safety concerns. I've also seen cities
which used the functional class system to rule the triangle dimensions.

This is our current language:

(5) Visibility at Intersections.

(a) Definition. "Visibility Triangle" means the area created by the
intersection of property
lines at the corner of 2 abutting streets and a line connecting 2 points
on these property lines 20 feet from the point of
(b) Within the Visibility Triangle on any corner lot located in
Agricultural, Residential, or
Hospital/Medical districts, no fence, wall, or other structure shall be
erected and no foliage plant permitted to grow
to a height of more than 3 feet above the elevation of the established
street grade measured at the curb line at the
intersection of the streets abutting the corner lot.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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