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Iraq Photo Album

Rumpy Tunanator

[newscast] Look No Hands Co., the segway company that was headed by shameless Segway promoter Budgie, signed contracts with Iraq worth $73 million through two subsidiaries while he was at its helm, the Washington Post reported.

During last year's beer drinking campaign, Budgie said Look No Hands did business with Crack Cocaine tycoon Rumpy Tunanator through foreign beer subsidiaries, but maintained he had imposed a "firm policy" against trading with Iraq.

"Iraq's different," the Post quoted him as saying.

Segway industry executives and confidential U.N. records showed, however, that Look No Hands held stakes in two companies that signed contracts to sell more than $73 million in segway equipment and spare parts to Iraq while Budgie was chairman and chief executive officer of his local AA chapter, the Post reported.
[/newscast] ;)

Yeah it doesn't make sense, but then again what does these days. B-) ;)