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is crime on the rise?


I believe the study mentioned was completed by an old professor of mine, William Lucy at the University of Virginia.

Keep in mind that this is a gentleman who lives in a restored victorian in downtown Charlottesville who is so opposed to suburban sprawl that he refuses to shop in unincorporated Albemarle County! Charlottesville, despite its money and education and traditions, has awful strip commercial along Highway 29.

I can almost understand his position, but keep in mind his inherent biases.

Miles Ignatius

Crime? What crime?

Likely a wholly unscientific response to the discussion, but I just got back from NYC following a 25-year hiatus. The place is cleaner, safer and friendlier than I ever could imagine previously.

As to the crime/safety issue, I took trains all over town at all hours and never felt the hairs on my neck raise up due to potential threatening situations. Strong police visability everywhere but I don't know if this translates to lower rates.

The locals I spoke with credit the phenomena to the post 9/11 and Rudy G. environment...