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Jacksonville: Downtown

I had some free time on my hands this weekend so I broke out the cameras and spent some time shooting several pics around the city (mtero pop. 1.2 million) from downtown, to the beach, and back to some inner city neighborhoods. I also have some of St. Augustine, too.

My first stop was downtown at 9AM Saturday morning. So lets get started, shall we.

a group of old buildings

Adams Street

Edward Ball Building

121 Atlantic Place

a gritty shot from Hemming Plaza

crossing the Hart Bridge

Maxwell Coffee Plant

getting ready for the Super Bowl on Bay St

Adams Street

new bar coming in

another historic building being renovated into lofts

a forgotten building

this old hotel will live again as apartments

a cool looking telephone building

walking down Adams

Jacksonville City Hall

new Federal Couthouse

Florida Theater

Forsyth Street

Hemming Plaza

JEA Tower in background

KBJ Architects

old courthouse

Ocean Street

some event at the Landing

inside the Landing

anybody hungry?

outdoor dining

another shot of the new Federal Courthouse

Wachovia Bank & the Omni Hotel

Bank of America soars above everything else