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Job Description Needed - Deputy PW Director (Com Dev Focus) and Com Dev Admin Assistant


As I journey through my job here in a small city with an oil and gas development boom and post-flood FEMA trials... I am finding that job descriptions that have been established just dont work anymore.

I, as Community Development Manager, have found myself managing the global vision of the Public Works Department, under whom my division is classified. I may or may not be making a power play ;) but I am finding myself being deputized in a larger role for PW. Does anyone have a job description (or items I could consider as our HR dept looks into a job classification study this spring).

Also, I have a building permit technician who's more or less morphed into a full blown Com Dev Admin. She will do building permits and maintain our inspection contract (keep the trains running on time). But also she catches my phone calls, manages my schedule and coordinates ZBA and PC. Without having to move at the speed on my HR department, does anyone have a job description for a Com Dev specific admin position I could review?

PM me if you have anything, I can send my email from there.

Thanks, guys.