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Just because I stumbled upon it...

Way back about a month or so ago, we were in here talking about internships. In my constant effort to find new work, I happened to stumble upon an internship..SO...if anybody is in the Toronto area, you can check this out

Now don't say I've never done anything for anybody.

On another note, I had an interview a while back with a city in the TO area, and they were asking a whole bunch of questions about planning issues in the area. I answered everything fine, but they said that they think there were too many differences between Urban Systems Analysts from Quebec and ones from Ontario. Does anyone know what these guys were talking about? Obviously planning regulations, etc. change from province to province, city to city, but give me a break. Maybe they were finding a polite way to tell me I suck...hehe...

Okay, back to looking for work while I'm at work.