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Just for the Taking, by Perry Norton


REITS cause sprawl!

Perry nails it again!
"Consider this common scenario. A developer acquires large tracts of vacant land at the developing edge of a growing metropolis. And there comes that day when the land is “ripe” for development. The developer petitions the authorities for a change from whatever the vacant land is zoned for, to a zoning category that accommodates single family and town houses. By taking such action the action-folks are engaged in a “givings” because the land now takes a quantum leap in value, a value which the government simply gives to the developer. "

This is what is happening in my township; the Master Plan has to show designated areas for mobile home parks, industrial and commercial uses. Why? the population is under 3000! We are 20 miles from Grand Rapids and within ten miles of three other small to midsize cities. In my township there is not a single traffic light, there are maybe 3 small "party" stores, not a single gas station and a couple restaurants spread all out.

Now, some land owners (ex family farmers) around here are getting calls from REITS and developrs regarding their property along the major corridors and the specualtion has begun!! And I know what they'll want to build - 700 unit mobile home park, mini storage units, and ugly pole barnish commercial buildings

In addition, the area abounds with lakes and what is happening to real estate prices is unreal. So of course the half mile of wild unspoiled shoreline on my lake is owned by a farm family and it is just accepted (over my dead body!) by everyone else that eventually it'll be developed with housing.

West Michigan is sssssssssooooooooooooo behind, and every township wants to be a economic center, ludicrous , Its gotta reach critical mass before the paradigm shifts, dont it?