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Landscape planning & visual assessment

Hey all,

Have finally stepped out of the lurker's corner with this one.

OK, so I'm a landscape architect with about 8 years experience. Australian, living in Europe (I have EU citizenship too). I'm thinking of studying a 2 year Masters of Environmental Planning while here, which has an emphasis on environmental assessment, but is able to be tailored to include visual assessment, urban ecosystems, regional development etc. The course sounds great, with modules from a number of disciplines and it's very cheap compared to education costs back home.

My end goal would be to take the degree, combined with my LA experience, back to Australia in a couple of years and work in landscape planning or visual assessment, both of which are a little bit niche at the moment.

My questions:
For those in landscape planning / visual assessment, what is important to you? What should I look out for in a degree?
The big question is - would a masters in planning be better than a masters in environmental planning to get into LP / VA? (ie: would the policy focus in a M of Planning give more 'clout' in landscape planning?)

All comments appreciated, thanks in advance!

(ps: yes, I've posted a similar question in the Australian sub-board)